Out of the Box Tools & Tips for Planning 2019

Here we are, the week between Christmas and the New Year.  I must have a bit of the seasons and the need for change in me because I look forward to this week every year.  I find myself wrapped in familiar feelings of the desire for change, purging out the old in order to welcome the new.  This year several articles & books offered great insight for me and I wanted to pass on to you in case it is helpful or just plain interesting.


Out of the Box Planning 2019


If you remember Marie Kondo's book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" she talks about keeping things simple and going through by category instead of by room.  Why this helps me is that I can easily get overwhelmed going into a room but just working with clothes, my files or my desk or a much easier start.  Once you have your category two important questions are:  does it bring me joy and would I buy it again?  Just these two questions are plenty for me to work with while at the same time keeping it simple.  Over thinking is an easy way to get distracted which leads to overwhelm, procrastination and  ultimately abandonment of what I started.


Once I have cleared out some space (physical clearing is often closely connected to emotional and mental clearing for me) I am ready to start working with goals, intentions and dreams for 2019.  Here is where I can and have often had the same sort of goals over the years.  The numbers may change but it seems as though the categories often stay the same.  Recently I read 10 Alternatives to New Year's Resolutions and it completely challenged me to think about these differently.  Two on my 2019 list are:  A list of things to look forward to and a 2019 bucket list.  


Lastly, Kelly Flanagan wrote a chapter about life not being a line it is a circle from his book called "The Year of Listening, Loving and Living, the year-long companion guide to Loveable".  This can take me a year to digest but maybe that is a good thing.  Here he talks about seeing life as circular rather than just up another rung on a ladder of some sort.  The book is great, the series with it - remarkable.  


May the new year bring you clarity as you desire that to be and moments to cherish.


Kelly Young Realtor

About the Author: Kelly Conner Young, GRI

Kelly is an Associate Broker with The Platinum Group Realtors.  She has over 15 years experience in Real Estate in the Colorado Springs and Front Range region of Colorado. She represents buyers and sellers of real estate buying homes, land for sale and mountain property getaways.   Specific areas include:  Black Forest, Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Divide, Falcon, Downtown, Manitou Springs, Monument, Old Colorado City, Westside, Woodmen Hills and Woodland Park. You can reach her at 719-226-0126 or by clicking "email the author" above.

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Out of the Box Tools & Tips for Planning 2019
Here we are, the week between Christmas and the New Year. I must have a bit of the seasons and the need for change in me because I look forward to this week every year. I find myself wrapped in familiar feelings of the desire for change, purging… more
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